01. Zarozhdenie (Origination)

On the empty unbounded heights,
Where the departed souls rest,
Haze was lit up for Life Ancestor
In the form of the original light.

‘long the path through the limitless aeons,
Passing the dormant spangles of gleam,
Light’d lit up the primordial dark dawns,
In the divine image with an ardent beam.

The issue of Life Creator
Is the death for the birth’s sake.
His child is in Via Lactea’s embraces
Of the Hall’s stellar spheres.

In the time’s source,
In the dark we were sprung,
In Sol’s Bed ‘mong the Orbs,
By the occulting Sun,
In Two-World’s womb,
We’re an issue of Sundown and Dawn.

An ardent eye,
Having burst, eclipsed the light,
Singed the tower
With the voice of thunder-blast,
In the Ocean-Sea
Mother-Earth is shown,
And the Divine Hand,
Having twisted the waist –
And Two-Faced Shrine,
Gazing from the sky,
‘s given Light and Dark
To the winds of fire.

In the aeonian void
World was born by Haze,
Being made in fire,
On a cloth of black.

Woven of the skin
Of the divine face,
Maybe by Vles’ thread,
Or the flesh of dead?

Created by the Sun and the Ocean-Sea deep.
From Thy womb Kin-God Rod appeared.

The one who gave Origination
To the Earth.

Origination of this life.

The one who sways the Universe’s lot, is mute,
For the offsprings born under the ice, in water, or
From the Biped Beast’s womb, for those who we are!
From the outside
Origination has come,
By the divine hand, in the world of Light and Dark.

Your palm of hand is like a child’s cradle,
Swinging a transient life’s long round dance –
The end – the new commencement’s creation –
Whirls the aeons without our Kin’s end.

On the age’s fall
Human being was made,
Founding this world
From living graves.
Through the epochs’ trail,
Having killed ourselves,
The Universe’ll hear Origination’s breath

02. Na strazhe novyh let (On Guard Of New Aeons)

The ones who passed in aeons, we are!
Those who are Divine-Born –
And we will die in divine arms!
In our life’s leaf fall,
In our dismal years womb,
We’ll leave the vain world.
The point of no return!

The ones who live in Yav’, we are
Those who’re loyal to a vow,
We are on guard of the new aeons.

Amongst storming dreams
With fever of poison
I carry on shoulders
A burden of my hefty bag.
My tears’ mirrors,
As the Pleiades,
In the Moon’s cradle
Light up my way.
My icy heart is beating as echoes
With the red river’s birth thirst:
And ready to die on the cross
The one, who can’t endure as erst.
We won’t see any honor
Of gods or ancestors,
Unless kill “the ideal” and live
With a small coin in the void.

Dying in time, with silence tears,
As shades we’ll wander o’er the world,
As ringing steel, with pain impaling our souls,
Thirsting for death, drain a blood bowl!

In the eyes’ tear drop
Milky Way is reflected.
For ever neglected –
We leave our awe.
Mantling flesh and bones
With a turquoise plaid,
Set off for evermore!

We’re lost till the time’s end!!!
Having turned to ashes again,
Which is left in the hands,
We follow the wind in the air.

Drops on our faces –
Lives which‘re spent.
As a shade in the dark spaces
We make charnel feasts again.

Covering gray bodies
With a turquoise plaid,
Following the Moon,
Without turning back,
We rush for the wind in the air!

The ones who live in Yav’, we are
Those who’re loyal to a vow,
We are on guard of the new aeons.

In the eyes’ tear drops
Milky Way is reflected.
For ever neglected –
We leave our fear,
Setting off for evermore!

The ones who passed to aeons, we are!
Those who are Divine-Born –
And in our every life’s leaf fall,
Those who’re loyal to a vow,
We are on guard of the new aeons.

03. Serbia

Serbia, Mother the Great!
Thee, closing Thy wounds, cast the glance
To the world with blood tears of Thy fate.
Serbia! ‘gainst foes Thou art up to strive
And hearten up, having neglected Thy fall,
Given rest to the dead, and a flag to alive!

Here my brethren’s hand palm is spread,
Here’s a dropped tear on the chest.
Here a veil is drawn by the shades of the dead
On the wounded Heart of the Earth.


Serbia! Quite so! Thou art a sister o’mine!
Thou art on the silent graves’ land
Of Thy sons – for Thy sake who died.
Serbia! I solemnly speak with my woe,
The fire of death-bringing centuries waned!
We honour dead ashes and living pain.


04. Zov pustyh dereven’ (Empty Villages’ Call)

Empty villages’ call
Peers into my soul with silent blazing.
The past gaze’s ghost
Is caressed with fatigued eyeholes gazing.
Rotten gaols sweet fume
Is destined to swallow,
Give Earth-Mother the tears flood to consume,
Reach with hand the Celestial Marrow!

Empty villages’ call –
As stellar scattering at a fog lair,
Empty villages’ call –
With ringing echoes tortures my heart.
Empty villages’ call –
Drowsy place of the dead temple’s prayer.
Empty villages’ call
Is a secret’s calm guard.

The chilling chant
Wounds my heart in a downpour drop.
Deafening me in a dreams’
Silent slough.
With my fiery gaze
I burn to the ground
Opalescent light of my tears –
Lunar silvery shine.

Leaving footsteps, footsteps at night
Going to nowhere, from the world I escape!
Only light leaves tracks on my pathway. Light
Is left here in a new dawn’s shape.

Maybe in hundred aeons
I will rush headlong
Through the plains, raging roar of winds,
I’ll return as one who eternally lives
And I will stay alive.
And my shivery hand
Will touch the soil of the plain.
And I will feel again:

Empty villages’ call
Gnaws my soul in embraces of night.
The past gaze’s shade
I see in the glow of a thawed light.
I see flickers of lunar dust
In the forest crowns of grey,
Twinkling which will merge in own bonds
With the heart of the land of paternal graves.

Empty villages’ call –
In scattering stars of the lunar temple.
Empty villages’ call
Tortures my heart with madding rites.
Empty villages’ call
‘s kept in silence by fog guardians.
Empty villages’ call –
Secret of dead land hideouts.

05. Gorod snov (City of Dreams)

Kin! My kin!
Through the time’s orb I look at your shade,
Through a maternal voice, in the furious air.
Kin, my kin!
Having given my life, mouldered away in the years flame,
You’re asleep in the dream womb under an ashen plaid.
Kin, my kin!
I’ll pass through the world in quest of your path,
Going through years to the origin of light.

My house is hidden in oppressive dreams’ trap,
Where one can’t disappear or run with a wind gait,
Where my brethren’s dusk light is still alive,
On my native heath, find an answer I strive.

In the hills’ faces the City of Dreams sleeps.
In the cradle of dreams –
The divine bed.

Without looking in a whirlpool of nowadays,
My soul longs for departure, once, never again,
Afar, where the gleaming fire of my land burns,
Being still alive!
I won’t return!

Oh, falcon-wind, yeah, Windan-wind,
Catch me and carry with thy pinion,
Yeah, with thy pennon carry me
To my dad and mam’s window.
Carry me to my brer and sister.
O’er the thick fields of the clouds
Rush with thy motley wings
Beyond the clouds, and from there flit.
Fly o’er the mounts, o’er the brooks,
And also o’er the green garths.
Call on thy free land of sweet home
With the pathway of Old Sol!

06. Ved’ma (The Witch)

(THOMAS – Inquisitor’s role, MASHA – Witch’s role)

Not even as a child were you one of us
When Hell once has called your name, there is no way back
On the path of darkness you will always walk alone

I have never walked alone
Everything that you see in your world is not even half of what lives and breathes in mine
If you would open your eyes and drop the mask you hide behind you would be reborn

You and your kind bring shame and disgrace upon us!

You have brought shame and disgrace upon yourselves
You are not men, but spineless sheep who follow the slightest movement of the shepherd’s staff

You have fallen from your Maker!

I am not one of the daughters of Abraham!
The open sky is my father
The wild land is my mother
The wolves are my sisters and brothers
And the stars of the night sky are my ancestors

You have chosen this path yourself, and there is no way to return

Yes, I did make my own choice: I chose to follow my heart
But what I left behind is just as important:
A world of lies, built by falsehood and wolves in sheep’s clothing
Coming from you, curses are compliments:
”Possessed”, yes, by the power of the will
”Witch” or the queen of my own world
”Outcast” – from a world I wouldn’t even waste my spit on

You don’t just turn your back on something that has been built up during milleniums

What do I care for anything that has been built by the hands of men in our time?
The mountains will crumble down upon whatever you make
The trees will grow on your graves
The storms will not stop their game to consider your fate
The tide will not wait for you to set your sails

I have never walked alone
Everything that you see in your world is not even half of what lives and breathes in mine
If you would open your eyes and drop the mask you hide behind you would be reborn

07. Chado indigo (Indigo Сhild)

Light of your eyes is fine,
My son, my living child.
Among the mass of human clay you’re absurd,
But you’re desired always among gods.
Your coming will erase a verge
Of a heavy weight on the heart.
Other entity is given by gods
To make the world to recover its sight.

Dream child,
You are this world’s exile,
Who blindly looks on a shade
Of untimely days.
Your shape is illusive,
Your fear is cruel,
You’re powerless ‘mong the shadow men!
Dream child,
Are you an exile or a Divine creature,
Which came to this world through my womb?
Looking through myself you rule the world,
On destiny’s track you fall with face downwards.

Dream child!
Senselessly filling the life with yourself,
Your tower is at the divine bed –
But in our world you are strange!
In equal substance with other strength
You are given to a talk with the gods,
Laying down your soul at stake!

Having sunk into depth,
In weak palms
You hold the dark and light.

You are Indigo!

My palm is warm here, ma!
Look, I fly, I’m a winged one!
Follow me, fly, and take my hand!
For your eyes I’ll open a new universe.
I’m not of the world of yours,
But I’m always with you – body and soul,
Don’t leave me forlorn!

Again, along the Milky Way, Indigo Child,
Who passed through the aeons living ‘mong the shades,
Covered with wounds,
A mute dream’s eternal son,
Conjuring a shadow again, Indigo Child,
Only having wound ‘round with a thread
The place of the World-Between three-faced wise man –
Over the world – weaves a new day.

The one who scattered the dead era dust
Warming dead stones,
You build a new age on our bones,
Creating your universe,
Indigo Child.

And I am your reflection!

Chilling pain is your eyes!
So, Indigo Child, look,
Give me your kin hand,
I follow – by hook and by crook!
Indigo Child, here I am –
Into the other world!
Between Warm and Cold,
For ever! Together! With me! Not forlorn!

You are Indigo!

08. Yav'

Yav’, I see your shade in front of me.
Feeling your breath, on other side,
On the edge of an empty grave, you call.
And, having stepped through a grave, I’ll touch you,
Gnawing my fingers till bleed, cleaning off the gray soil,
About the time I ask your shade – death itself.

Yav’ is tormented by folks, covered with gloom,
The living legend of dying days,
Holding a venomous veil,
Lying down, from the stench, as a shade on the graves,
From piles of our bones it builds aeonian temples.

With our wound trace, making steps in the dark –
We are the planet‘s dead souls
In our living attire.
The haze shrouded the light hidden in me,
With a burning desire it longs for sweet mead,
A chopped-up goblet to have a drink,
Lying in a bed of your sweet dream.

Vanishing, our universe,
Gazes with empty orbs.

Yav’ rolls!
Yav’ rolls!

As a wheel into a coomb!
As a lump into the gloom!

We run, above the path of thorns – we ride
To the crossroads of time!
Through the pain, on the road – leaving the crosses behind,
On the edge of dreams and life!

A ray of light is not a path’s trace!
The deceased won’t be saved!
At the first light of the day
Sol’ll drive me to my grave.

Human faces thaw –
They bite the dust.
We are the generation
Of liberation!

Run, the torn one with the fate,
But fondled by hands of gales!
Run, the confused one by the starry pathway,
The forgotten child of the gods!

I’ll go out to bow the Sun!
I’m not able to live, but do.
So painful, but I laugh, smile,
Drinking contagions, I never die,
With a blade I cut Yav’ –
Scarlet water will flood.
With fresh wounds’ drop of blood
The epoch’s contour I’ll outline.

Yav’! Undying in your reflex,
Prostrated and rising again!
We wander in pleasure
By the steps ‘long your veins,
As if we let blood with a blade!

With a smile I look at the world –
Putting the folks on a lash,
The grinning death smiles
Gorging our souls from the flesh!

I’ll go out to bow the Sun!
I’m not able to live, but do.
Too painful, but I laugh, smile,
Drinking contagions, I never die,
If I touch with a look this Yav’,
Which is like thawed snow.
Through datura haze, making the way,
‘cos of fresh wounds Yav’ groans!
All that Yav’!

All that Yav’!
Resignedly, having trembled from entreaty cries
For tranquillity of the one who repressed his conceit,
And with our hand upon the heart,
Falling with face downwards – biting the dust,
Though sighing heavily,
We remain here!

Yav’ rolls!
Yav’ rolls!

As a wheel into a coomb!
As a lump into the gloom!

09. V ob’jat’jah kramoly (Embraced By Sedition)

Pain –
Silent maiden of shades.
Living substance of a worn-out strife
Of nowadays.
With an invisible rope round the neck
You drop this pain through blood.
And your life’s exhaustion
You feel through her love.

Embraced by Sedition!

Her hot flesh,
Greedy lips kissing you,
Having turned a careless soul
Into one possessed by her,
Will steal, dragging on traces her chain,
With the rope round your neck.
And you, helplessly, being doomed again
Follow her!

On Sedition’s trail

Embraced by Sedition!

Having glanced back,
Captured the dark,
And unseen yourself,
Drowned in an abyss.
Your howl in her eyes –
Laughter in her mouths.
You avidly eat the awe
Out of her palms.

Contours of snakes is the shape of her hands,
Immersing her essence into your womb,
Having covered your eye-sockets with haze,
Guzzle you from within, bestow a snake face!

As a poor little creature,
Crawling through the chasms of old age,
Having climbed onto the mount,
Proclaimed to be lord, master and god,
Your soul will decay in the darkness,
Realizing that you‘re just a sin’s heritage.
And, having dropped to the ground,
You will fall like a stone
And awake in the world –
Turned to be a dream spawn.
Embraced by Sedition!

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Yav (2014)

Title : Yav
Release Date : April 25, 2014

Album was recorded at CDM Records studio (Moscow sound) (June 2013 – October 2013)
Produced by Sergei “Lazar” and Masha “Scream”
Mixing & mastering: Sergei “Lazar” (January 2014)
Music & Lyrics: Masha “Scream”, except “Zov pustyh dereven’” – music by Masha “Scream” and Sergei “Lazar”; “Ved’ma” – lyrics by Thomas Väänänen (translating by Masha “Scream”)

Masha “Scream” – vocals, keyboards
Sergei “Lazar” – guitars, acoustic guitars
Ruslan “Kniaz” – bass
Vladimir “Volk” – gaita gallega, blockflute, tin whistle, low whistle, sopilka
Vlad “Artist” – drums (1-6)
Andrei Ischenko – drums (7-9)
Thomas Väänänen (ex-Thyrfing) – vocals (6)
Olli Vänskä (Turisas) – violin (4)
Aleksey “Master Alafern” (Sviatogor, Thunderkraft, Triglav, Quintessence Mystica) – violin (1,2, 5-8)
Vika “Vkgoeswild” Yermolyeva – piano (7)
Radimir – monologue (7);

Artwork and design: Gyula Havancsák (http://hjules.com/)
Photo by Greg Shanta
Poetic translation of lyrics into English by Sergey AR Pavlov

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our friends, parents, colleagues, and everyone without whose support this album couldn’t been released. Thanks a lot to all of you for being with us constantly!